Photo booths... the next big thing!!

When you are looking to book entertainment for your event, whether it’s a large wedding or a smaller party, photo booths are quickly becoming one of the most popular options. When we recently held our Independence Day celebration, we decided to try this out for ourselves, and it was a blast! The company we partnered with, The Traveling Photo Booth, provided a friendly, helpful staff, unlimited quality prints, and even digital downloads (which worked great for social media!). Our guests got to enjoy getting photo strips made on the spot to commemorate the celebration and we got to see the fun that everyone was having. As the host, we got digital copies of everyone’s pictures, so even when we couldn’t be everywhere with everyone, we felt like we got to experience it all! For us, that was one of the highlights of our entire party. A photo booth is a great option for those looking to add something exciting for their guests (not to mention the great guestbook possibilities!). You can provide props such as hats, chalkboards, or mustaches to enhance and personalize the experience as well. No matter how you do it, one thing is certain, a photo booth will provide hours of fun and give everyone something to remember! Be sure to check out our gallery on Facebook!

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April Jessen