Wedding will be happy to have one!

It’s one week before your wedding and suddenly it hits you. Are all of the vendors going to show up on time? Who’s going to tell them where to go and what to do while I am getting ready? Who is going to make sure people are walking down the aisle at the right moments? How will people know when to go where for this or that part of the reception? Suddenly, overwhelmed seems like a massive understatement. Despite how organized or in control you may be, a wedding coordinator is the key to a successful, stress free event. They typically take care of all of the odds and ends that you simply can’t do alone on your big day. This includes confirming and organizing vendors, managing the wedding rehearsal and ceremony, developing the itinerary for the day, insuring decorations are where they should be, and much more. At Cricket Hill we know how important it is for the day to run smoothly, which is why we are now including one with all of our bookings. We cannot tell you what a relief it will be on you and your family! As a bride, you will read article after article about how a wedding coordinator is the one thing you can’t do without, but it will never be more evident until the day of. We promise, you will be grateful!

We are so excited to be offering our brides this opportunity! To learn more about our wedding coordinating services, please contact us! Happy Planning!

April Jessen